Meine Fehlerberichte

Im Beta-Test von Expression Web und danach habe ich einige Fehlerberichte an Microsoft geschickt. Je mehr Nutzer diese Fehlerberichte bestätigen und bewerten, desto höher ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, daß sie von Microsoft beachtet werden. Sie können auch für bereits geschlossene (Closed) oder gelöste (Resolved) Fälle stimmen. Sie müssen sich dafür mit einem Passport-Konto anmelden.

5/22/2006 "ins" and "del" elements are not allowed as children of "body"0.00/0 Ratings0
5/14/2006 Text file recoding may corrupt characters0.00/0 Ratings0
5/14/2006 Text File Encoding dialog is not intuitive4.67/6 Ratings0
5/11/2006 EWD does not preserve URLs with %HH escapes5.00/1 Ratings1
5/6/2006 "Links to" - wording unclear0.00/0 Ratings1
5/6/2006 Default to .html extension rather than .htm4.23/13 Ratings0
5/6/2006 Hiding scripts and stylesheets in XHTML3.50/2 Ratings0
5/6/2006 Support id="..." for boookmarks, not only <a name="...">3.75/4 Ratings0
5/6/2006 "Remove Formatting" deletes semantic elements5.00/1 Ratings0
5/6/2006 Interactive Button comment not properly escaped0.00/0 Ratings0
5/6/2006 Distinguish breaking and non-breaking spaces in Design View3.00/1 Ratings0
5/6/2006 Insert symbol without font specification5.00/5 Ratings2
5/6/2006 VML spoils XHTML source5.00/1 Ratings1
5/6/2006 Reformatting does not handle "<br></br>" well0.00/0 Ratings2
5/6/2006 Formatting Marks also affect breaking spaces3.00/1 Ratings0
5/6/2006 Disable "Apply XML Formatting Rules" in HTML documents0.00/0 Ratings2
5/6/2006 "Reformat HTML" deletes "tbody" tags0.00/0 Ratings1
5/6/2006 Shared Borders introduce invalid HTML5.00/1 Ratings1
6/8/2006 EWD crashes when you try to browse VBA references0.00/0 Ratings0
6/21/2006 "HTMLMarkup" component mentions FrontPage, not EWD0.00/0 Ratings0
6/21/2006 "HTMLMarkup" component cannot be modified once inserted0.00/0 Ratings0
7/2/2006 Content not inserted at cursor position0.00/0 Ratings0
7/20/2006 "Find and Replace" ignores nested elements0.00/0 Ratings0
5/6/2006 Separate aural properties in "CSS Properties" task pane0.00/0 Ratings1
5/6/2006 Use "lang" attribute rather than "Content-Language" meta tag5.00/1 Ratings1
5/6/2006 Secondary Schema is not used to detect errors4.00/1 Ratings2
5/6/2006 Non-ASCII characters in URLs5.00/3 Ratings0
5/6/2006 Hyperlink checker should not ignore querystring5.00/3 Ratings0
5/6/2006 Use "UTF-16" instead of "Unicode"0.00/0 Ratings0
10/21/2006 No warning for adjacent attribute specifications0.00/0 Ratings0
10/26/2006 Distinguish the terms "tag" and "element"0.00/0 Ratings0
11/4/2006 Recoding might create a non-equivalent document0.00/0 Ratings0
2/2/2007 No need to have form elements with unique names5.00/1 Ratings0
4/26/2007 Code editing limitations when working with ASP.NET Master Pages0.00/0 Ratings0
4/26/2007 Non-ASCII clipboard data is corrupted in VBA editor0.00/0 Ratings0
5/6/2006 Allow "Verify well-formed XML..." command for XHTML documents4.50/2 Ratings1
6/24/2007 Absolute URLs created in disk-based websites stored on network shares0.00/0 Ratings0
6/30/2007 DWTs only update code inside the "html" element4.67/3 Ratings0
7/7/2006 XML declaration prevents schema detection4.33/3 Ratings0
7/22/2007 Negative integer values in CSS declarations flagged as errors0.00/0 Ratings0
7/22/2007 Layout Tables task pane is disabled when tag marks are enabled0.00/0 Ratings0